Scooter rental

Folding scooter rental price list

One day 120 NIS per day
2-3 days 100 NIS per day
4-7 days 90 NIS per day
8-14 days 70 NIS per day
15-21 days 60 NIS per day
22-31 days 50 NIS per day
32 days or more 40 NIS per day

Other scooter (not mini) - addition 100%

Paid extras

* Transport (including training)
In Gush Dan - 220 NIS
To Ben Gurion Airport -270 NIS (including parking and waiting)
Outside Gush Dan - 220 NIS + 5 NIS per km

* Power converter for charging the vehicle 10 NIS per day
* Replacement lithium battery (light) 15% extra by several days
* Scooter with Shabbat command 15% Extra by number of days
* Payment upon receipt of the scooter. Dimensions: length - 100 cm, width - 56 cm.
* Photocopy of the identity card of the tenant / check holder. Height - folded position 49 cm Height-open position 89 cm
* Overall weight 37 kg (scooter 22 kg, detachable battery 15 kg

Battery type: - "Deep discharge" or lithium, without liquid acid according to safety requirements in civil aviation.

Passengers abroad will receive a certificate of battery adjustment on civilian flights.
The rental does not include insurance components of any kind, the tenant will maintain the scooter and return it properly.
Damage will be charged to the cost of the repair.

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